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Course begins on Monday, April 27, 2020!

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Registration for the Crash Course in SFBT Closes in....
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

The Solution Focused Approach may be simple but it is very hard to master and use confidently with clients. Knowing how to ask questions that produce the kinds of responses that lead towards sustainable client change is one of the hardest things a professional can learn how to do. 

What do you do when the client wants to talk about the problem? How to you handle situaitons when the client doesn't know what they want? Does the Solution Focused Approach work with clients who are struggling with significant mental health challenges? How does this approach help a client who is in crisis, or has been through a trauma?

These are the questions that weigh on the minds of professionals as they try to apply this approach with their clients. The challenge is to build your clinical confidence so that you can handle any situation that your clients could present you with.

This collection of training material is packed with lessons, demonstrations, and exercises that are all designed to do one thing... make you the most skilled and confident professional you could be with this approach.

For this training, I have teamed with Chris Iveson, Evan George, and Adam Froerer who are among the global leaders in the field of Solution Focused Brief Therapy and this collection of training material features all of our newest and most cutting edge ideas. 

Each and every video in this series, including the demonstrations are brand new created just for those that sign up for this series. 

Your confidence awaits!

The Team
The origins of this collection of lecturers started back in 1989 when Chris Iveson, Harvey Ratner, and Evan George founded BRIEF in London. Their fascination started when they were introduced to the work of Steve de Shazer and has only grown in the subsequent years. BRIEF was the first organization to bring the Solution Focused Approach to Europe and in a short amount of time they became the largest Solution Focused training organization in the world.

Several years later in 2010, Elliott Connie attended a conference in Malmo, Sweden where he would meet Adam Froerer. By chance the two started to hang out through the conference and realized they shared similar thinking about the Solution Focused Approach but more than that, they just "clicked" and immediately started working together. In the following years the two would work on many projects, including research, lectures, and books. In time, Elliott Connie and Adam Froerer became the leaders of a new generation of Solution Focused professionals.

In time, the two entities combined and began to lecture together as well as teaching online courses to share the their combined ideas about the Solution Focused Approach. Through the years of working together we have grown to be like family and have contributed to one another's ideas about this approach.
Our newest joint project is...
This is a dream team of SFBT pros.
Elliott Connie
Adam Froerer
Chris Iveson
Evan George
 If you want to be a master of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, hang out with those who are doing what you want to be doing.
This course features our most current thoughts about this approach as over the years all of our thoughts have evolved over the years as we have worked together. For this series we have pulled all of our resources to create the kind of training material that will erase all of the doubts you have about this approach, as well as your ability to use it well in your work.

We want you walk away confident and inspired to do the life changing work that you have been called to do with your clients. 

Starting on April 27th we will be sharing weekly modules that contain lecture videos from each of us, video examples of this approach in action, and exercises for you to do that will help your skill as a question asker soar.

Though the Solution Focused Approach is about questions, in a way, this collection of training materials is about answers. We will be sure that the big questions of this approach are covered. Questions like...
  • How do you use this approach with clients struggling with significant mental health issues.
  • How to work with clients who "want" to talk about the problem.
  • What to do when the client can not answer questions about what they want.
  • How to use this approach in groups, with couples, and families.
  • How to use this approach with "difficult" clients.
  • How to ask clients the kind of questions that lead towards a detailed description that is likely to help the client change.
  • How to use this approach with clients that have experienced complex trauma.
  • How to ensure you NEVER get stuck in session again.
Here’s a taste of what you will get from the Crash Course in SFBT
You will be able to conduct a Solution Focused session from start to finish with couples, 
     families, and individuals regardless of what problem brought them to your office. 
You will know how to use the common techniques associated with the Solution Focused 
You will know how to immediately shift your work towards SFBT.
You will know how to use this approach with the clients that give you the biggest struggles.
Week 1
Introduction to the training; The Mindset of Solution Focused Professional.

Week 2
Best Hopes; Establishing a desired outcome with the client.
Week 3
Preferred Future; Doing descriptions that make a difference.
Week 4
Scales; Using scales to create change.
Week 5
Endings; How to end the session and how to wrap up therapy.
Week 6
What's better? What to do after the first session.
Here’s what happens inside the course portal
Once you sign up for this training you'll immediately get access to the portal where all of the content will be posted and you will have access to this material indefinitely.

This portal is your home for this training and is only accessible for the people that sign up to receive this training.  

That means the content of this course is yours FOREVER!

There will be a Facebook group set up that will be used to communicate with participants as well as for interaction. 
Plus, if you join us today, you get these additional bonuses.
Bonus #1
12 CEU Credits for counselors, family therapists, social workers, nurses, and psychiatrists
For this course, plan on spending about 2 hours a week on the material. Thus, this course comes with 12 CEU Credits for counselors, family therapists, social workers, nurses, and psychiatrists.  ($97 value)
Bonus #2
Access to a collection of reading materials
We have put together a collection of readings to support the videos in this training. These include some things that we have written and others that have contributed to our own learning. ($97 value)
Bonus #3
Access to Our Course Members Only FB Group
You will also get access to our course members only FB group. This is where course participants can meet and engage. The course facilitators will also be commenting, posting, responding, and making announcements in this group. ($197 value) 
 The Value of the Crash Course in Solution Focused Brief Therapy Training... 

TIER II: SElf-paced +
Save over $400 when paid in full.
  • 8 Training Modules + BONUS Module
  • Audio + Video Versions
  • Worksheets + Guides
  • Templates + Swipe Files
    1 YR. of the CYLL Network 
    (Includes Weekly Coaching Hour, FB Group + Slack Channels)
    The SLO + Webinar Funnel Content
Save over $400 when paid in full
  • Everything in Tier I + II
  • 8 Weeks of Small Group Coaching + Support through Slack & Zoom
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    1 YR. of the CYLL Network 
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6 payments of...
Save over $1000 when paid in full
  • Everything in Tier I + Tier II
  • 12 Weeks of 1:1 Coaching + Support
  • FREE Digital Gangsta T-shirt
  • Personally Graded Final Exam
    1 YR. of the CYLL Network 
    (Includes Weekly Coaching Hour, FB Group + Slack Channels)
  • ****By Application Only****
****SOLD OUT FOR 2017***
  • Indefinite access to the course portal where the 6 modules of content will be posted ($497 Value)
  • Access to the members only Facebook Group ($197 Value)
  • The BRIEFer manual. Every participant will get a downloadable version of one of the most popular and recognized SFBT training manuals in the world. ($20 Value)
  • Coaching. One of the strength of this course is the coaching and this course will feature 6 group coaching calls delivered weekly ($1997 Value)
Total Value: $2905
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $147!

100% Money Back Guarantee

This course comes with a 7 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.  

If for any reason you decide you don’t want to continue in the course, we will grant you a full refund, no questions asked. And you can keep everything you have downloaded to that point.  

That means zero risk to you!
As you can clearly see by now, this is an unbelievable value at $147.

However I know times are tough right now, and I want to give you every reason to take advantage of this amazing course today, during these unprecedented times.

We are making this offer to you because we know that finances are tight, but the need to be there for our clients is stronger than it has ever been. With live events canceling around the world, access to training is hard and we wanted to help.

We know this approach can make a difference, for you as well as your clients.
This training is guaranteed to give you the strategies and foundation you need to become the best solution-focused therapist you can be. PERIOD!
What are you waiting for?
Remember, this opportunity will only be available for a short time then it’s gone. There is no guarantee we will be offering this training again.

P.S. One last reminder, you are completely covered by our money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being decisive and claiming your spot in our course right now.